An active and fulfilling life through healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle – I help you achieve your goals!

   Hello, my name is Claudia Fliegner!

SGD-certified nutritionist

certified fasting course leader (AGL)

certified exercise coach (AGL)

nutritional allergies coach (AGL)

I offer consultations in German and English.

After more than 20 years as a primary school teacher first and nutritional consultant second, my passion for healthy lifestyles has now become my main career.                                                                       



“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” -Hippocrates

The Six Pillars

I see people holistically and connect the 6 pillars to help my clients. 6 Pillars:

eat – sleep – move – protect – unwind – connect,

Only by combining these pillars will we succeed in transforming your life permanently to a healthier lifestyle.

In my consultations we figure out individually and together, what the right path is for you to lead you to your personal goal. I support you on this path and help you achieve your goal. It involves more than a healthy diet to help you achieve holistic health and happiness in your life.

It is important for me to give each client practical and everyday help that is right for their situation.

Fasting Courses

Fasting gives our body an opportunity for regeneration and renewal. We can assist it on all levels by focusing our attention on the body as well as on our mind and soul during the fasting period. Mindfulness and deceleration are good for our daily lives, and fasting gives us a chance to practice these virtues a little and by doing so being good to ourselves.

  • Fasting weeks after Buchinger / Lützner
  • Alkaline fasting weeks
  • Alkaline reset weekends
  • Intermittent fasting

Find more information about the options here.

Contact me for details, group offers or individual support. I am happy to help you.

Self-determined handling of sugar

It is particularly important to me to raise awareness about the influence of sugar on our health and quality of life.

Sugar has the same effects as a drug and its impacts go far beyond our weight, from chronic fatigue and lethargy to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hormonal imbalances, just to name a few.

I can show you the way to a sugar-free and energized life and accompany you every step of the way. The path is worth it! Overcoming an addiction is never easy, no matter which addiction it is, but especially so when it is socially accepted. Your body will thank you! I use the 3 Ps:

Plan – Prepare – Protect.

If you do not spend some time each day on your health, you will have to sacrifice a lot of time to deal with disease one day. -Sebastian Kneipp


Long-term nutrition and lifestyle advice

You have tried all diets and are now ready for a long-term change in your lifestyle?

You always feel tired and without energy or you feel bloated all the time and want to actively participate and enjoy life again?

I can help you with that! You are in the right place. Together we find out which nutritional style is right for you. Would you like to eat according to the recommendations of the DGE (German Nutrition Society) or do you prefer a plant-based diet? Are you better off without gluten or dairy products?

We’ll find out and together we work towards your goals step by step.

We begin with a strategy session where we record your data as well as your current diet and exercise habits. We talk about your goals and how the 6 pillars can help you reach a life full of energy.

In the follow-up consultations we discuss successes and problems as well as further steps and help on your way to achieving your goal, be it lifestyle changes, nutritional changes or weight loss.

We all have busy schedules in our lives. Do not let that stop you. You are worth it – invest time in yourself!

Currently all sessions take place online.

Please contact me for more information.

Support with food allergies and intolerances

About 20% of the population in Germany suffers from allergies and intolerances – the trend is increasing!
The most common representatives are cow’s milk allergy and chicken egg allergy.
But lactose and fructose intolerance, celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, wheat protein allergy, histamine intolerance as well as cross and pseudo allergies are becoming more and more common, both in children and in the course of adult life.
I give practical advice on what other foods you can use, where you need to be particularly careful and what pitfalls can lurk in everyday life.
Even if you have symptoms but no diagnosis, I can advise you on what steps to take next.

Consultations can also take place virtually.

Please contact me for more information.

Home visits
I can visit you at home to do a kitchen and fridge check with you, or cook and do the shopping with you. “Danger recognized is danger banished!”

Please contact me for more information.

Get active and moving

I support you with your goal to integrate more movement into your life.

Exercise is one of the 6 pillars in my consultations, because without sufficient physical activity, nutritional goals will be difficult to achieve. Therefore, I would like to introduce you to everyday exercises in the various areas of movement.

Let´s do it! I show you exercises you can do anytime and almost anywhere.
Ideal for people who want to get active and moving (again).

Please contact me for more information.

"Freedom From Sugar"

 Reducing sugar consumption
You want to curb your sugar intake, but do not want to give up dessert or sweets forever? You have already tried to avoid sugar, but have failed so far? I show you strategies to consume less sugar permanently.

My courses “Experience week Sugar-free” and “Freedom from sugar” are an ideal way to achieve a more active, energetic and healthy life in a community of like-minded people with support and an exchange of experiences, problems and successes. I am also happy to work with you on this topic individually.

Online Experience week “Sugar-free”

I accompany you every day for 1 week on this journey into a world without sugar.

We meet safely and comfortably online. You will get practical tips, tricks and strategies from me about your experience week and you can exchange ideas with other like-minded people.

All participants receive a “sugar-free” booklet with information and help for planning the week.

Important!!! The pre-requisite for participation is a willingness and openness for change and the desire to feel life energy.

The week is not a diet, but the beginning of a change in your nutritional lifestyle. You can eat as much as you like and have fun preparing and eating your meals. This is the only way we can say goodbye to sugar successfully.

Ideally, the “Freedom from Sugar” course should follow after the experience week, as it generally takes at least 4 weeks to consolidate new habits. Further professional support during that time facilitates the long-term changes and sustains the sugar-free time with a diverse background of knowledge so that you can make informed decisions afterwards for a self-determined and conscious handling of the topic of sugar consumption.

Minimum number of participants for the course: 3 Persons
7 meetings | daily | 30 minutes | price: 49€

next course in 2024 or upon request

Online course “Freedom from Sugar”

During the 8 weeks I will support you both practically and with lots of useful information on the subject of sugar consumption.

You cut out sugar for at least 4 weeks so that your taste buds and your body can regenerate. During this time I will help you with any questions you have.

But I will also enlighten you about the tricks of the sugar industry, how to read labels, what different names there are for sugar, what is hidden behind those names, which foods we should avoid and why, our emotional connection to sugar , why willpower alone has no chance against sugar and much more!

In short: I will enable you to make informed decisions about the long-term avoidance of sugar after the course as well as to enjoy preparing and eating real foods.

Minimum number of participants for the course: 3 Persons
8 meetings | 1x / week| 60 minutes | price: 180€

next course in 2024 or upon request

Individual online support “Freedom from Sugar”

Would you like support on your way to a more self-determined and conscious approach to sugar consumption? I would be happy to accompany you.

Just like in the courses, you will receive a sugar-free booklet with information, but above all advice tailored specifically to your needs, especially during the sugar-free period (3-4 weeks).

Special online offer: 6 consultations | each 60 minutes | 399€

Please contact me for more information or to sign up.

Course "Vitality with 50+"

The course supports women holistically in this important phase in their lives. It integrates the pillars of nutrition, exercise and relaxation as well as strategies and tips for menopause and postmenopausal life in a positive and joyful way.

All these topics are becoming more and more important from the age of 50+ and this course is an offer of exchange in a small, relaxed and trusting atmosphere. We discuss frequent questions and uncertainties, dare to try new things and support one another.

I give insights into the recommendations for healthy eating and a healthsupporting lifestyle in this phase of life together with ways to implement them individually and longterm with fun and a joy for life.

The aim is for participants to feel healthy, vital and balanced as well as encouraged to take their health into their own hands – one step at a time. Each participant starts where she is, is accepted the way she is and gets support and cheerful affirmation in a group of like-minded women.

minimum number of participants:3 Persons

meetings 1x/week for 60 min – 8 meetings

price: 180€

next course in 2024 or upon request

Please contact me for more information.

Course "With the 6 pillars into a life full of energy"

The course shows practicable means for participants to change their food and lifestyle sustainably for a healthier, more active and happier life.

Minimum number of participants: 3 Persons

meetings 1x/week for 60 min – 10 meetings

price: 295€

next course in 2024 or upon request

Please contact me for more information.

Those who want, find ways. Those who do not want, find reasons.


Strategy session

“With the 6 pillars into a life  full of energy”


60 minutes

including food journal +

assessment of current situation

all follow-up sessions €80

Individually tailored packages are available upon request.

Please pay for the consultations via bank transfer in advance. In case of a no-show or short notice cancellations (less than 24h in advance) the consultation will be billed in full.

What clients say

About the “Online Buchinger Fasting support”
Claudia is an experienced and competent fasting leader. She supported me very individually and empathetically through my Buchinger fasting week from March 11th until March 17th, 2021 and motivated me again and again. Without Claudia’s program, I would not have dared to do it. Now I’ve got to know myself better and I’m proud that I could go six days without solid food. Thank you for your support, Claudia!
Sabine Kuska

About the “Freedom from Sugar” course
The online course “Freedom from Sugar” was wonderfully prepared by Claudia and accompanied very personally and individually. (…) Although I thought I had a healthy diet before, I became aware of a lot of things, e.g. hidden types of sugar in food, the dangers of fructose – glucose syrup in food and sweets, careful reading of labels. (…) The course has increased enormously my awareness of healthy eating and physical and mental fitness, so I decided to book the 5-day Buchinger fast with Claudia in March as well. Claudia is so lively, in a good mood, empathetic and just lives what she communicates. I think that’s great! Thank you, Claudia!
Sabine K.

About the “Sugar-free” experience week


During this very informative and diverting week, Claudia convinced with her extensive knowledge of all questions relating to nutrition. Her detailed explanations on the subject of sugar consumption and the effects on our body and well-being made this week a real experience. The many useful pieces of advice, delicious recipes and recommendations for a self-aware handling of our sugar intake have helped me a lot to venture into being sugar-free.

Jutta Oezsen

About the “Sugar-free” experience week


During the sugar-free experience week we met with Claudia every day and talked about our experiences with new and interesting recipes. Claudia answers a lot of questions about sugar (…), and as well as what things  can influence our mood and well-being. The practical suggestions (…) are a very good start to change your lifestyle, develop a routine and put the other (wrong) habits aside.

Odile Kasolowski

About the fasting and hiking holiday


You are a competent and experienced fasting course leader who supported us during our fasting period in such a calm, friendly and caring manner. The hikes were a great way for me to find my inner peace – thank you Claudia!

As a certified nutritionist you have given us helpful tips and information for the time after our fasting.

Barbara aus Hamburg

About the individual nutritional advice consultations


The reason for the three-month nutritional consultations was that I wanted to eat a sugar-free diet due to many health problems and lack of drive due to professional stress and lack of sleep.

My first goal was to eat less sugar / sweets by increasing the amount of vegetables, legumes and fiber. The small-scale goal setting each week helped me a lot.

Thanks to very tasty and simple recipes from Ms. Fliegner, it wasn’t so difficult to try it out. I even enjoyed cooking and became much more open to try new things. (…)

I got to know great alternatives for baking and eating cakes too, but without sugar. (…)

Dear Ms. Fliegner, thank you for your great work (…). Your warm and calm manner, (-), you took me seriously and addressed everything I brought up. (…)

Now it is up to me to continue to put what I have learned into practice! (…)

Annika K.

Freedom from Sugar Course

The course was designed really well, practical and easy to understand. It was a lot of fun, you got a lot of knowledge, and you’re not afraid to implement it.

I can only recommend the course, sugar free can be so easy!

Thank you dear Claudia, you have done a thorough and good job.

Heike N.

Contact Gesund Plus Energie

Do you have any questions or requests that you have not found here?
Contact me. I am happy to assist you.

Please call me at +491577 6946505 or use the contact form below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Claudia Fliegner

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